5.1. Interaction with Stakeholders in Reporting Period 5.2. Interaction as This Annual Report Was Prepared 5.3. Public Reporting System

5.2. Interaction as This Annual Report Was Prepared

G4-26, G4-27

In view of the nature of the Concern's activity, the following subjects were selected as the priority issues of the Report in 2015: Safety of Russian Nuclear Industry and Development of New Business Lines. Key stakeholder representatives were actively involved in dialogs discussing the overall concept, priority issues, and the draft of the Annual Report, as well as participated in selection of the material aspects, update of the stakeholders ranking map, and public affirmation of the Report.

Dialog No. 1 with stakeholders took place in November 2015 in absentia (by survey). The Dialog was devoted to Discussing Concept of 2015 Annual Report of Rosenergoatom Concern JSC, Selecting Material Aspects of Activity, and Updating Stakeholders Ranking Map.

All participants received the draft concept of the Concern’s Annual Report during the dialog. Representatives of stakeholders could express their comments and suggestions related to the Report and corporate activities, and take part in selecting the material aspects to be disclosed in the report. Following the comments, the Annual Report concept was considerably amended. The amendments are shown in the table of stakeholders' comments (Appendix 15).

Dialog No. 2 on discussion of priority subjects of the Annual Report took place on February 26, 2016 in the format of a visiting meeting at the Novovoronezh NPP. During the dialog, the participants visited operating power units of the Novovoronezh NPP and those under construction, saw the operations of the Novovoronezh NPP information center, and could ask questions regarding disclosure of information in the Annual Report about the Concern’s activity in 2015 and measures on safety assurance at Russian NPPs. Stakeholders expressed certain comments and suggestions regarding reflection of information on priority subject in the Report. These comments and suggestions were taken into account during preparation of the Report (Appendix 15).


Public consultations on the draft Annual Report took place in the Concern’s Headquarters on April 22, 2016. Some 70 people participated in the consultations — representatives of state and local authorities from the regions of NPPs presence, APP NP Fund, WANO Moscow Center, public and environmental organizations, mass media, the Concern’s branches — nuclear power plants, and subsidiaries. In general, a high level of information disclosure and reflection of opinions and suggestions of stakeholders expressed during the reporting campaign was recognized.


In order to improve the Concern’s public reporting system and to ensure acceptance of the Concern’s activity by communities through involving stakeholders in the dialog, the Stakeholders Commission was created at the Concern’s initiative in 2013. The Commission included representatives of key groups of stakeholders: state and local authorities, public and environmental organizations, scientific institutions, NGOs, mass media, business partners, etc.

The Commission's activities are aimed at:

  • Ensuring public acceptance of the nuclear power industry development in Russia;
  • Providing collective recommendations for decision making in the area of sustainable development of the Concern and the nuclear industry in general;
  • Communicating with population and NGOs on the matters related to nuclear power use.

The Commission members take an active part in dialogs and community consultations, discussing annual reports and current issues of the Concern’s activities, as well as in the procedure of public affirmation of the Concern’s annual reports.