4.1. Corporate Governance 4.2. Internal Control and Auditing 4.3. Risk Management 4.4. Property Management 4.5. Purchase Management 4.6. Quality Assurance

4.4. Property Management

As of the end of the reporting period, the Concern de-facto was using 805 land plots with the total area of 20,867 ha, among them:

  • 410 land plots with the total area of 6,254 ha fully owned by the Concern;
  • 395 plots with the total area of 14,613 ha are leased by the Concern, including 32 plots under short-term lease.

741 land plots are registered with cadaster, including, by way of declaration, the lands of the forest fund.

5 land plots are currently subject to survey work with subsequent registration with cadaster.

The Concern holds title to 7,166 items of immovable property, including 6,849 items for which the Concern had registered its property rights.